In the past decades, there has always been a recessing trend in the rare coins and collectibles market. However, the same market has experienced an increasing interest in recent years. For this year, the sale of US gold coins (and collectibles) has been a hot topic among collectors. However, these collectors are not looking for random-year coins.

Ever since his debut, Superman has become an icon. In every turn, you will see a lot of items with the blue and red signature Superman stamp on it. Millions of fans from all over the world collect all sorts of items, and character shops everywhere cater to these collectors. But, there are also those with discerning taste that are very picky when it comes to their Superman collections.

The financial market proved to be quite tricky for the first half of 2019. Stocks were able to regain their losses in April, yet lost them again the month after. Indeed, it was a period of instable investments. Fortunately, stocks recovered by June.

To the consternation of stakeholders, central banks brought global bond yields to both low and high spots, casting a shadow of uncertainty in the global financial scene. It is quite interesting to note, however, that the price of gold skyrocketed, making it one of the best assets to profit from.

Nearly everyone knows that gold is valuable. However, some people aren’t aware that the value of the precious metal isn’t fixed. Many factors affect it.
One of which is monetary policy. The impact of monetary policy on gold isn’t immediate but it’s significant.
Monetary Policy Defined
Independent central banks implement monetary policy to attain macroeconomic goals for their respective countries. These goals include high economic growth, low unemployment and low inflation.