One of King’s Ransom’s competitive advantages is the time we have spent building up our network of other diamond dealers and wholesalers throughout the states and beyond. That’s why we are able to offer the most for your diamonds because we know the highest paying buyers on our end who don’t deal with the public. We are also able to work on the tightest margins of any local buyers. For us, it’s more about creating lasting relationships rather than making a quick buck.

If you are shopping around for a large diamond, we are almost guaranteed to be able to find the stone you are looking for at a wholesale price and a steep discount from the big box stores. We won’t have the stone in stock at our location but will be able to get it shipped to our Saint Paul store for you to see before purchasing. If it’s not the perfect stone for you, we can send it back to our suppliers and get another one sent to us for your inspection. This way you can be assured you’re getting the best price because we don’t technically own the stone until you pay for it, we are simply brokering it for you. 

Cash for Diamonds in Saint Paul, MN

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