Gold– The first evidence of gold jewelry dates back all the way to 5000 BC in ancient Egypt!
King’s Ransom buy rates are some of the highest in the industry, it doesn’t matter if it’s old or broken, you will get paid cash for your gold! We love unique and desirable jewelry and will pay you based on the resell value of certain items, not just scrap value.

Silver– Many pawn shops and area coin shops will not buy your old silver jewelry, flatware, and silver scrap. It can be difficult to test for authenticity and purity, and it small quantities is not worth much. But it doesn’t matter if you have one silver ring, one fork, or a single earring; King’s Ransom will buy your silver and, just like gold, pay based on resell value not scrap if it’s unique or an antique.

Coins & Bullion– From Buffalo Nickles with the dates worn, to ancient gold shipwreck coins, King’s Ransom buys them all!! We take the time to go through your collection and try to find rare dates, error coins, coins in uncirculated condition, or anything else that may make the coin worth more than melt value! Doesn’t have to be a precious metal, all coins are welcomed!!

Diamonds– Why are pawn shops and other gold buyers so hated by the masses? They don’t pay for your diamonds!! Even the smallest diamonds, if not worth much, are still worth something!! We will grade the clarity, color, and cut of your larger diamonds so we can pay you the most!! Don’t be afraid to bring in that huge rock your grandma used to wear, or your old stud earrings, whatever the size and shape, you will get paid!

Collectibles/Antiques– And anything in between!! Sports memorabilia, comics, rare prints, anything interesting, old, rare, and unique, we want to see!! If it’s too large or awkward to move, email us pictures and we can give you a quote.