Cash – It may sound obvious, but the number one service that King’s Ransom provides is CASH. We are hoping to separate our image from the shady pawn shops and large gold buyers who rely on educated customers in hard times to get away with ridiculous lowball offers. At King’s Ransom, we will tell you exactly what your items are worth, and let you decide if you want to sell. No mystery here.

Authenticity Testing – Don’t know what you have? Bring it in to King’s Ransom and we will do our best to test and examine items that you would like to know more about. Before you donate that old jewelry box to Goodwill or take your old coins to the bank, stop by King’s Ransom, you might be sitting on some treasures!!

Appraisals – Know your item is genuine but don’t know the value? We will do our best to give you an estimated replacement value.

Jewelry Cleaning – Bring your old jewelry back to life!! King’s Ransom invested in several pieces of equipment that can make most pieces look new again. For regular customers, this service is FREE.