Gold is seemingly invincible even in crashing markets when all stocks and bonds are in freefall. When inflation is the key threat to your portfolio and once again, it is gold that meets and surpasses inflation. In the long term, gold provides a high return on investment that can be compared to the most lucrative asset classes, but without their risks and volatility.

The increase in demand for gold investments was driven primarily by the coronavirus pandemic since gold is seen as an effective and reliable hedge in economic stress. Gold has emerged as a safe haven for investment while stocks and bonds plunge at alarming rates. Global holdings of gold-backed ETFs have reached a record level of 3,180 tonnes as a consequence of this surge in demand.

One of the first prominently noticed effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the infection itself, but the way it altered people’s shopping habits. The first few weeks following the outbreak were defined by the general public panic-buying products at supermarkets and stores across the country. However this trend was short-lived as people realized supplies were still plentiful in the age of Coronavirus.