Holiday season is fast approaching and this is as good a time as any to make some extra money and be your own Santa! Here are the 10 different ways you can make some extra cash this Christmas:

1.    Cash in the Surveys

Online surveys are the most convenient way to make an extra buck. Check out Swagbucks for surveys to fill online.

2.    Do Some Freelancing

If you have a skill, like say some graphic designing or writing, you can use your skills to make money from some freelancing gigs online. or are good places to start.

3.    Crafts for Christmas

If you’re the crafty kind, use your little hobby and sell what you make either online or at the Christmas market in town.

4.    Sell Off your Old Belongings

You’re never going to use that bag nor will you wear those shoes. Sell them off and make extra cash! There are groups on social media platforms for this stuff. Find them!

5.    Run Errands

Help the neighbors stay risk-free by offering your kind grocery shopping services for a little tip!

6.    Buy for Less, Sell for More

You’ll be surprised by how many vintage-looking things you can find in the markets at affordable prices. Buy them and offer them up for sale for a little extra margin.

7.    Customer Service for Christmas Cash

With many people taking the holiday season off, there are likely to be a few customer service openings. Take up a few manageable hours and you’re a few bucks richer!

8.    Do Mystery Shopping

You love shopping and companies want to pay people for shopping. You see where I’m going with this? Take up the offer and be merry!

9.    Become a Pet Sitter

The only thing better than playing with a cute animal partner for a few hours is getting paid to play with them for those hours.

10. Sell Old Textbooks

Those books have been collecting dust for far too long. Sell them off for some cash!

A can-do attitude goes a long way. Do some internet research and get to work. The opportunities are out there.