Are you one of those people who love thrifting? This has been trending lately. It is more affordable and sustainable for young people. Besides, this carries decades of fashion. Thus, more people have more choices in expressing themselves in terms of clothing. To some, it is both fashion and passion.

The sudden popularity of influencers on social media has led to more people following what others were doing. No wonder, thrifting is getting to be a huge trend. Although, thrift stores have been going on for a very long time, this time it is different. It’s like people have found more appreciation and love for fashion and thrifting.

Consequently, more thrift stores have been opened worldwide. In combination with more years and more people in fashion, it resulted in an added pile of clothes sold in different stores. How do you choose which is which? It is hard, isn’t it? With the varieties of available alternatives, it is harder to know which thing has more value. The paradox choice.

Have you heard of Harris Tweed? If you are a serious ‘thrifter,’ and you have never heard of this brand, you are missing something! This is one of the vintage clothes that must be bought automatically when you see it. Seriously, this is a steal!

Harris Tweed is hand-woven clothes produced only in Outer Hebrides islands located in Scotland. At first, it was only sold in local supermarkets. Then, Brooks Brothers started to sell this clothing in 1909 in the United States. Since then, this has become a remarkable brand. As of now, this is used by popular clothing brands like Alexander McQueen, Chanel, and Vivienne Westwood. It is even protected by the Act of Parliament. Take note, it is the only piece of clothing that holds such recognition in the UK.

What makes Harris Tweed different? Until now, it is the only clothing brand that produces clothes for commercial use by traditional methods. Yes, despite being commercialized in an age where machinery is readily available, it is still hand-woven. It is made only in Scotland with the same method for generations. There are only 3 active mills with 140 weavers to make a fabric to be distributed around the world. High quality, uniqueness, and limited capacity contribute to its rarity, which makes Harris Tweed more valuable today.

In the aforementioned 1993 Harris Tweed Act of Parliament, each fabric that carries ‘The Orb’ Trademark must be made following the traditional manufacturing process. No surprise, they can maintain their culture and the quality of the materials. With the effort put in each piece, high-quality materials, and its durability, it is worth the price.

Whether it is suits, skirts, jackets, caps, or scarves, it is available everywhere. It can be vintage sold in thrift stores or used by famous brands and sold in different boutiques. It has a strong resell value. Thus, it is continuously sold on different online platforms and thrift stores. Due to its global success, whoever owns a piece of this fabric is holding some kind of gem.