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Why German investors are interested in gold

Anyone who has been an investor knows that investments aren’t simple. Regardless of how experienced you are, there is always a chance of failure, but you have to take risks. The higher the risk, the greater the likelihood of earning a more significant return.. Recently, investors in Germany have become more and more interested in gold. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss why German investors are interested in gold.

The coronavirus (or COVID-19) has caused a massive commotion for many countries around the world. It serves as a big threat, as this disease can be passed among animals and humans. Any contact with the respiratory droplets from sneezes and coughs from an infected individual could leave you susceptible to the disease.

A person will normally want to spend his weekend in bed, browsing social media accounts or watching Netflix shows. Going to estate sales will most likely be his least priority because sorting through piles of junk is quite tedious. However, having patience may give you great rewards. There is a lot of home decor treasures up for sale that you can buy at great prices. Listed below are some of the items you should look out for.

Cash, gold, and bitcoin are three forms of currencies. Of course, cash is the most common of these three. You use cash in most transactions you make each day. 
Some businesses and investors accept gold if cash is unavailable. Gold has been a popular alternative for cash through the years, but bitcoin is now much preferred than gold. So, what do you think is the best form of currency between these three?