People are suddenly thrown off their comfort zones when their marriages go awry and end up in a divorce. Aside from having to arrange for new conditions regarding conjugal properties, shared finances, and custody of the children, wedding mementos such as rings also leave much to decide about.

Now that things are officially over, what should be done to those engagement rings and wedding bands?

Think Things Through Before You Decide 

Divorces can cause all types of emotion, depending on how things went down on your marriage. Sometimes, feelings of anger and remorse can run so high that it’s easy to act on impulse. You may throw away your marriage’s happy symbols without thinking about the possibility that you may not be ready for it.

When you are in a very emotional state, it is wise to avoid making rash decisions that you might later on regret. It is a good idea, however, to go over your options when it comes to the rings. Will you have it repurposed? Will you give it to one of your children one day? Will you sell it?

No one option is “more correct” than the other, but it’s important that you are emotionally on board with what you plan to do.

Have Your Rings Appraised   

Should you decide to sell your ring, the first step is to have it appraised by a qualified jewelry appraiser. And don’t just go to one, either. Have your ring checked by a number of qualified appraisers to get a more accurate value of your ring.

After the appraisal, it’s recommended to list down any information about your ring. This includes the 4C’s of the diamond (cut, carat, color, clarity), ring style, precious metal, and any other features that may stand out.

Carefully Research Your Selling Options

If you are getting rid of something that once meant a lot to you, you might as well go for a buyer that knows its true worth. Pawnshops and auctions may provide fast cash. You may also look for reputable specialty shops in your area and research about them. Make sure that the prospective buyer:

  • Isn’t hard-pressing (i.e. lets you decide on your own time)
  • Has a good reputation locally
  • Makes you feel safe and comfortable
  • Is eager to answer all of your questions

Let It Go When You’re Finally Ready!

Some people feel pressured to sell their rings because friends and family are insisting that it’s necessary for moving on. However, this is something that only you can decide for yourself. Don’t let go of it just yet if you are not 100% sure about selling it. It’s fine to wait a little longer before you make any final decisions.

Just know that selling is a completely valid option. Selling your ring after a divorce can provide you with that much needed liberation. Not only will this process allow you to let go of the physical reminder of your failed marriage, it will also give you enough money to do things that can help you start anew.

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