Many of us keep a lot of unused stuff at home without even realizing the amount of valuable space it consumes. These things are usually all over the place and are left unnoticed most of the time. These unused items or “junk” could still be useful for others.

Why not sell this junk and earn some extra cash that you can spend this holiday season?

It is often said that one person’s junk may be another’s fortune. Consider gathering all your junk and clutter at home to sell to a local store. Now is the perfect time to rummage through your cabinets, drawers, closets and stock room for some items that you no longer need. There are local stores around your area who would be happy and willing to buy your junk. Think about this; you can literally make money out of these things that you can live without.

What items can you sell to a local store?

Jewelry and accessories

If you happen to have some broken and useless gold and silver cluttered around your drawers, you can still sell them for a good value. You can gather up all these stuff and check how much they are worth in a local store that buys, fixes, and sells them.

Examples are earrings that have lost their pair, broken bracelets and necklaces, deformed pendants, old silver, damaged rings and stained jewelry.

Antiques and various memorabilia

Antique items such as vases, house ornaments, furniture and other forms of memorabilia can also be sold at a good price. Items that you have kept for so long that had lost their luster and appeal may still be valuable and can be exchanged for cash. Brass items and other metallic ornaments can also be assessed by a local store to determine their worth.

Comic books, baseball cards and NASCAR collectibles

Explore your pile of junk and discover great treasures such as your old comic book collection, play cards, and other toys. Now may be the perfect time to open your storage boxes and go through your childhood treasures that had been kept for so long. These junk may actually be taking up that much-needed space in your home that you can use for your own convenience. Take these old comic books, magazines, toys, and baseball cards to local stores while they are still in good condition to check how much they’re worth.

Autographed sports memorabilia

We all went through the fan stage in our lives and we’ve somehow outgrown the idea. Items that had been autographed by our so-called sports icons and idols meant a fortune to us at some point. As we mature, we outgrow the habit and these items are just left lying around collecting dust or hidden somewhere. The best thing to do is to take the items to a local store and determine their value. You could actually end up getting more than what you expect.

Examples of autographed items are t-shirts, jerseys, towels, baseball or tennis ball, soccer ball or football, baseball caps, posters, old sneakers, baseball bat, magazines, pictures, and many others.

Know Your Junk’s Worth

Now may be the best time to gather up all the junk in your home and take them to a local store that buys and sells stuff. You can actually make cash out of this to spend on new items you need.

Regardless of how much your junk and clutter is worth, the idea of clearing up a lot of useful space at home is an excellent bonus.

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