Traveling with jewelry safely seems impossible. The constant advice about not bringing such valuable object makes it seem so. However, there are actually instances where you may consider taking along a piece or two.

When to Take a Jewelry

If you’re traveling to inform your loved ones (or your significant other’s relatives) about your engagement, you might want to wear and show your ring. In case your trip involves going to a wedding, formal dinner or business meeting, donning a fancy earring, necklace or bracelet can make you feel and look more elegant.

When Not to Take a Jewelry

If you’re traveling to do charity work or to enjoy natural wonders, sporting fancy items doesn’t make any sense. You should dress with your safety and comfort in mind; don’t focus on making impressions.

If you’re just traveling to have some fun or to unwind, you may take a simple yet good-looking piece. You can wear it in case you score an unexpected date and/or dine in a posh restaurant. If you’re not looking forward to such things, you can disregard personal ornaments.

The situation in your destinations is another factor you should consider. If pickpockets are common in those areas, it’s only right to leave your expensive items at home.

What to Bring and What to Leave Behind

An engagement ring, a wedding band or any heirloom has sentimental value, which makes them irreplaceable. You can’t afford losing any of them, can you? If you’re unsure about traveling with jewelry safely, you can simply take fake ones. Make sure you get cheap custom-made rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets before your trip.

You can also take stylish yet reasonably priced jewelry. But if your idea of chic is any statement piece, be prepared for unwanted attention, especially from pickpockets and other criminal-minded folks. A curb chain necklace with a ½’ pendant can appear elegant. The same goes for a ½’ cuff bracelet, a charm-less toggle clasp bracelet, and a pair of stud earrings.

Aside from the risk of losing a valuable item, bringing a jewelry that costs beyond $10,000 also entails a lot of work. You have to notify your insurance company and the Customs. The hassles aren’t worth it if you’re just going to show off.

Statement pieces, along with your most expensive jewelry, are best left at home. But don’t just leave them in the open or in your jewelry box. Keep them in a safe or hide the boxes in any obscure place in your home.

To Pack or to Wear

Wearing your jewelry won’t set off security alarms in the airport so feel free to flaunt them. If you don’t want to, prepare a dedicated pouch, case or roll. Keep your jewelry’s container in your carry-on bag at all times. Make sure you also hold such bag wherever you go. Never put such in a check-in luggage.

Safekeeping Tips

Before your trip, make sure your chosen hotel has an individual safe in each room. If you can’t book one, pick among the highly rated hotels and ask if they can provide you with a safe. It entails additional fee but it will make you feel at ease.

What will you do if your valuables get lost while it’s inside the hotel? You can present proof that you have them inside your hotel room. This is only possible if you took photos of your jewelry and videos of yourself hiding it in the safe. You should start documenting even while packing before your trip.

Keep those documentation for identification and security reasons. Don’t upload them on social media. Don’t publicly share about your whereabouts and hotel as well. Just privately inform your loved ones.

Have your jewelry appraised and insured as well. These tasks may seem additional hassles for travel preparation. Nonetheless, you’ll get appraisal services one day anyway, like when you’re going to gift a piece to a loved one or when you’ll pawn such expensive item. It won’t hurt if you do it before a trip.

Insurance solely for your jewelry can further ensure your peace of mind when you’re traveling. It’s an additional expense but it’s a little price to pay if it means you can travel with a prized possession.

What to Do When Jewelry Goes Missing

Stay as calm as possible. A piece of missing jewelry is a surefire mood-killer, but letting your emotions overpower you will make it harder to find it.

Retracing your steps should be your initial course of action. Remember where you last saw it. Did you or your bags bump into some people along the way? Try to remember their faces and the places where you encountered such people. Be quick so that when you still can’t find it, you can report it to the local police.

Lastly, notify your insurer. Whether it’s stolen or lost, they will either compensate you or provide you with a replacement. You can talk to a representative to know more about traveling with jewelry safely.

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