Why Sell Scrap Gold Jewelry?

Why sell scrap gold jewelry? Is it even a good idea?

If your gold jewelry is looking dull and is no longer usable then you should consider selling it for cash. Selling old jewelry for money may be a great idea since the price of gold tends to rise with time. Thus, you may get more from the sale of old jewelry than what you paid for it. You may have to wait for some time though and follow prices to see if the sale is worth it.

How to Sell Scrap Gold Jewelry?

You should know how to sell scrap gold jewelry to get the most out of the transaction.

You should check up on gold prices. In particular, you need to follow spot prices. The spot price is the market value of gold that has not gone through any kind of fabrication process.

You should find out the value of your gold both as melted metal and scrap jewelry. You can then sell your gold in the form that has greater value.

You must visit a trustworthy jewelry dealer to find out the worth of your gold in both these forms.

You will also have to find out the purity of your gold in karats. 10 karat gold implies 42 percent gold. Thus the value of your gold jewelry will vary with its purity in karats. It is best to find out the karat value of your gold jewelry by contacting a trustworthy gold jeweler.

You should also weigh your gold to find out its mass. You should also get your gold jewelry cleaned to fetch maximum value. A reputable gold jeweler can do all of this for you correctly.

Where to Sell Gold Jewelry?

Finally, where to sell gold jewelry? That’s simple. Just visit the most reputable name in the business – King’s Ransom in Saint Paul Minnesota.

A trustworthy gold jewelry dealer can provide you with a reliable estimate of the market value of your gold jewelry both as scrap jewelry and melted gold. Our customers keep returning since they know that unlike others we do not provide ludicrously low estimates. We have a growing customer base since our patrons trust us to provide the most realistic estimates.

You may also want to know about the purity of your gold items. We can help you with that so that you know the true worth of your gold pieces. Before selling it off anywhere else you should bring it to us. Who knows you have treasure that is much more valuable than what you think.

We can also restore your old gold jewelry to pristine condition so that it looks as good as new. Our superior craftmanship and sophisticated equipment can impart a brand-new look to your gold jewelry.

No matter what your needs, we can do it all for we deal in everything gold.

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