The local auction will always be a treasure trove for most entrepreneurs. These traditional auctions have unique items that used to cost a lot, but are now available at more affordable prices. Mind you, these items did not decrease in value. They just have to be sold in the market as quickly as possible.

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Here are five items that you can find at local auctions and sell in your own stores:

1. Vintage bags

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Chanel. Most buyers will not care much about the actual brand, and only focus on how these once coveted items (and what used to cost about thousands of dollars) are now within their reach. Imagine how tempting it is for consumers to buy a rare and vintage Chanel bag for half of its original price!

2. Used tools and appliances

Used tools can still be handy and functional. As long as they don’t look old and rusty, they can be sold. You can find garden tools and wrenches at local auctions, and you’ll be surprised at how affordable they are.

There are appliances sold at local auctions, too. These appliances may be brand new or second-hand. Kitchen appliances and equipment are commonly found in auctions. Examples of these are blenders, food processors, microwave ovens, and utensils.

3. Personalized items

You will also find personalized items at local auctions. There are shirts and rare collector’s items that you can score for several dollars. CDs and vinyl records are usually found in local auctions, as well as rare volumes of books. Nowadays, auctions feature hard-to-find, leather-bound books that were published in the 19th century. If you can find a book that has been signed by the author, or that which bears a dedication from someone in the 1900s, you’re lucky. You can sell that to bibliophiles for a steep price.

4. Jewelry

Watches, necklaces, pendants, and earrings are interesting (yet pricey) finds at local auctions. They are more expensive than tools or rare books. When it comes to high-end pieces of jewelry, expect to pay thousands. However, there are accessories that are sold at auctions for a meager $10. Some auctions also sell sterling silver.

Jewelry is an interesting piece to sell at your store, especially if the market you cater to appreciates it. If your demographic is composed of collectors, fashion connoisseurs, or just young adults looking for unique finds reselling fancy jewelry may be a great idea.

5. Toys

Pre-owned toys can be washed so they look as good as new. In addition, they don’t cost a lot. You can choose from rag dolls to vintage Barbie doll models. Stuffed toys and Legos are quite popular, too.

You will also find educational toys at local auctions. For instance, a glass chess set can cost way cheaper in the auction house than in department store. The good thing is that auctioned items like glass chess sets can be cleaned and preserved so they won’t get chipped off. Buying and reselling them is already a great deal in itself because you don’t have to spend so much capital.

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