If your neighborhood is anything like mine, summer weekends bring the ritual of hand-made signs and bumper-to-bumper traffic, indicating garage sale season. You might have entertained the idea to have one this season or even plan one annually. You know that gathering, tagging and negotiating prices of your spouses and children’s prized possessions is only the beginning. You have to set up daily, advertise and pray for good weather. Depending on your family, someone probably took a day or two off work and then you wait, hoping to garner a couple hundred dollars at best.

If having a garage sale is something your family enjoys, hats off to you! While you are sorting through the kids outgrown clothes from last season or that collection of mugs your mother continues to give you every birthday, I ask you to look closer at your junk drawer and jewelry case.

Depending on the size, one ring or necklace sold to us can yield more money than your return from 40+ hours you put into that garage sale. We don’t care about the condition, the uglier the better! What you will get from us is great communication and fast payment.  Now you can get back to your family and the fleeting weeks of the finest months of the year!

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