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One of the first prominently noticed effects of the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t the infection itself, but the way it altered people’s shopping habits. The first few weeks following the outbreak were defined by the general public panic-buying products at supermarkets and stores across the country. However this trend was short-lived as people realized supplies were still plentiful in the age of Coronavirus.

We are all familiar with the nature of investments. The value of investments inevitably fluctuates at one point or another. This is the scenario that we are all familiar with– the up and down nature of investments.

The Australian psyche holds a special place for gold. During the early 1850s, the gold rush helped in propelling the country’s economy, grow its population, and stimulate the industries. As the second biggest producer of gold in the world, the country’s gold sector flourished. Its record gold prices and mine production speak for themselves. After all, gold remains the country’s third major commodity export.

The last few months have seen the price of gold rally to $1,600 — a height it has not reached since March 2013. However, the last few weeks have seen the price start to stagnate. Between January 20 and February 4, the price did not manage to cross the $1,600 barrier, bouncing off at around $1,590. As of February 5, it had hit a two-week low of $1,547.