Ever since his debut, Superman has become an icon. In every turn, you will see a lot of items with the blue and red signature Superman stamp on it. Millions of fans from all over the world collect all sorts of items, and character shops everywhere cater to these collectors.

But, there are also those with discerning taste that are very picky when it comes to their Superman collections. Like all other collectibles, the rarer the better. These rare finds work like Kryptonite to Super-fans. Rare doesn’t always have to be expensive, but value is placed on its limited availability. Below are 13 of the rarest Superman Collectibles to date:

13. Superman button
A Superman button that came out in a Kellogg’s Pop Cereal in 1945 is considered as one of the rarest Superman finds. It was designed by Sam Gold who is known to be a master in creating box treasures at that time.

12. Ensueño Lily Ledy Flying Heroes Superman
A 12-inch mego-style Superman figure also joins the list. It has a soft body with a rubber head. This type of action figure was produced in 1979 by Mexican company Ensueño, which makes it rare as it is only available in the Mexican market.

11. Superman gum cards
It is interesting to note that in the 1940’s, Superman gum cards were actually a thing. And the rare collector’s finds are the cards that come with the gum. Unfortunately, finding them at this age is now close to impossible.

10. Superman picture puzzles (1940)
Another interesting find from the 1940’s is the puzzle form of Superman Action Comics covers. The set now costs about $1,500 so you’re probably not going to take them apart, ever.

9. Superman wind-up rollover plane
What do you get when you combine a popular toy like the wind-up plane to a popular icon? For Super-fans, it’s the 1940 Superman wind-up rollover plane. Winding it up would cause Superman to flip a plane over 360 degrees.

8. World War II-era Superman signs (1942-43)
History has it that during the Second World War, Superman’s popularity skyrocketed. And the government decided to use it to get students to sign up and join in the war efforts. These propaganda posters bearing Superman are now sold from $1,000-$3,600.

7. Superman promotional figural ashtray
It is unlikely for an ashtray to land into a collector’s item list. However, this is no ordinary ashtray as it was designed by iconic illustrator Wayne Boring.

6. Popsicle Superman promotional booklet
Superman also made an appearance in the spiral-bound Popsicle promotional booklet pushing war bonds and stamps. A simple freebie in a Popsicle box now sells for about $2,600.

5. Battery-operated Superman tank (1958)
Superman’s popularity extended post-war and war-themed toys featuring Superman began to rise to popularity. The toy was released in 1958 and featured Superman pushing a military tank.

4. Superman and the Mole Men variant movie poster
For poster collectors, the 1951 Superman and the Mole Men variant movie poster is one of the most coveted of the Superman items. It’s a different and rarer design compared to the more common but still much coveted mole men posters.

3. Original Wayne Boring art
Aside from the ashtray, other Superman art forms by Wayne Boring are also considered rare and are quite pricey. Some of his sketches and comics would sell anywhere from $4,000-$6,000.

2. Action Comics Superman contest prize ring
One of the rarest items that collectors are raving about is this ring from 1943. This was owned exclusively by members of the Supermen of America club who joined an essay contest and one was recently sold for $12,850.

1. Action Comics #1
On the top of the list is none other than the Superman Action Comics #1. Because who wouldn’t want to get hold of the icon’s first ever appearance? Mint copies can be sold at auctions for millions of dollars these days.

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